rtmpGUI : How-To

Main Window:

The program is very simple. On the left side you will see a column with channels. On the right side you will see a TV Guide. You can use the drop down boxes to set the date and time for the TV Guide. Browse through the guide and when you find something you want to watch you can double click on the corresponding channel on the left to open the stream. The stream will open with VLC Media Player or media player of your choice. If you need help with the VLC Media Player use the HELP button at the top of the player. When you no longer wish to watch the channel, simply close the player window. You are now free to choose another channel or close the program.

Channel Lists:

There are two types of Channel lists you can use. One is a Local copy that comes with the program. The other is a remote copy that may have updated channels to replace those channels that stopped working or new channels that were added. Under File/Refresh, you can choose which copy you wish to use. In order to submit channels to the remote list you'll need an API username and key.
Under File/Options/Network Options you have the choice to register for the API Key. Simply click on "Register for a key" and your browser will open and take you to the rtmpGUI User System page. Simply sign up and you will be emailed a password for the site. After you log on to the site you will see your API key. Type your username and API key in the area provided under Network Options and click O.K. Now you can submit new channels or edit current channels in the remote list.

You also have the option to load another webpage other than the TV Guide page.

Under File/Options/Program Options, you can choose to load the remote channel list at startup, check for updates or suppress the command line interface.


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